Covington KY News: Covington's feral cat problem

Covington's feral cats population
and other wild animals!

"Something else I see on the sidewalks of downtown Covington that Iíve never seen in downtown Cincinnati is stray cats," columnist Gross wrote. "They're everywhere."

Covington Clay owner Rick Hoffman echoed that.

"You're dead-on about the cats," Mr. Hoffman wrote. "I see Ohio plates come into Mother of God's north parking lot to feed the feral cats. Why don't they take them back to Ohio?"

The owner of fabled Motch Jewelers recently wrote that the animals hang out in the parking lot behind the store.

Feral cats are not unique to Covington, other cities are dealing with the wild ones as The Atlantic Cities [ Link ] recently reported.

It notes Beijing's exploding cat population. By some estimates, there are as many as 5,000,000 feral felines in that city. The Chinese city's most popular strategy is "trap, neuter, release."

But it ain't just cats. Covington also has a raccoon problem.

The Fort Thomas deer population grew so big that the city organized a bow-and-arrow killing session or two. And let's not forget about reports of coyote roaming the wooded hillsides of Devou Park.

Of course, if residents don't want wild animals roaming the streets of Covington, there are a few simple ways to keep them away:

  • Raccoons: Cover trash cans securely; cap chimneys and repair loose shingles and vents to keep the animals out of the house; leave a radio on in an attic to chase away raccoons that already have set up housekeeping.

  • Deer: Surround your garden with plastic deer fencing at least 6 feet high; spray a nontoxic deer repellent on the most vulnerable plants.

  • Geese: It's a crime to disturb nests without a federal permit, so contact your local animal control agency for assistance.

  • Crows and cats: Store your trash in securely closed plastic bags; do not leave pet food outside.

    Read CityBeat columnist Larry Gross' article on downtown Covington [ Link ]

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