Clock ticking with regard to reopening Mike Fink's

Mike Fink's, in this photo taken this week, looks pretty dormant. The owners hope to re-open the famed riverboat by the Reds' Opening Day.

If the Bernstein family and Bob Conway Jr. want to reopen Mike Fink's restaurant on the riverfront by the Reds' Opening Day, they better hurry.

Owners of the Mike Fink riverboat restaurant had hoped to open an entirely new eatery by Opening Day, or at least the start of summer, the Enquirer reported on August 24th.

But it doesn't look like much has been done, if anything at all.

They'd planned to spend $1.5 million to $2.5 million refurbishing the sternwheeler that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, noted the Enquirer.

Bernstein said the restaurant will concentrate on barbeque – not in the sense of sauce-slathered meats, but foods slow-cooked or slow-roasted in wood ovens or a wood-fired grill. Boat docks again will be available.

"We're trying to bring back kind-of that old, classic style of doing barbeque in a high-end restaurant," Bernstein said, predicting entrees will be in the $20 range, with fun foods for snacking. Local produce will be emphasized.

Investor Bob Conway Jr. and the Bernsteins have a history: It was the Bernsteins who drew Conway's family into the restaurant business when they worked together in 1989 to create the T.G.I. Friday'’s restaurant aboard the former Covington Landing floating entertainment complex, the paper noted.

Bistro Group, which was founded in 1989 by Bob Conway’s parents and their partner, now owns 31 T.G.I. Friday’s and five McAlister’s Delis in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The first two T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants they built were aboard Covington Landing and along Beechmont Avenue.

Bob Conway Jr. also personally owns the Karlo’s Bistro Italia in Florence. Three of his employees there used to work for the Bernstein family, which also owns BB Riverboats. After talking with his employees, Conway phoned the Bernsteins.

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer

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