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Crime reports nearly doubled
in MainStrasse area

Crime increased throughout the City of Covington in December.

Crime increased throughout the City of Covington in December and nearly doubled in the greater MainStrasse area says CrimeReports.com.

There were some 56 reports in the area -- roughly west of Madison Avenue and 12th Street north -- 22 more than reported in November.

The latest stats are alarming and fuel fears that the heroin epidemic in getting worse in the city. It means in the MainStrasse area alone there were nearly two reported crime incidents per day.

Thieves are stealing copper parts from air conditioners and heat pumps in various Covington neighborhoods -- not just MainStrasse -- while homeowners are at work, and apparently selling them as scrap for pennies on the dollar," the Enquirer has noted.

Car break-ins, home burglaries, and shopliftings.

Prostitutes also have become more obvious on the streets and in MainStrasse parking lots. And law enforcement attributes it to one drug: heroin.

"The heroin problem right now is worse than I've seen it in Northern Kentucky," Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders recently told WCPO. "We're having weekly, if not daily, overdoses that often result in deaths. We're having arrests daily for heroin possession."

Prostitution has become particularly prevalent in MainStrasse, so much so that residents asked to meet with Police Chief Spike Jones last fall.

Chief Jones formed a small task force to deal with the problem and police patrols have increased in the area.

But it looks like -- at least from the statistics from December -- the effort is a hard struggle and, indeed, crime has gotten worse.

The Enquirer and WCPO helped with this story.
Click here for CrimeReports.com . Once the page loads, type in 41011 to view.

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