Covington KY News: How to pay Covington parking tickets online
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Parking Tickets Payable Online
and at Midtown Garage

All Covington KY parking tickets can be paid at Midtown Garage, 25 East Fifth Street, across from the Kenton County Library on Scott Street. Tickets can also be paid online at

These changes were made in an effort to improve efficiency and lessen payment confusion.

Previously, citations issued by Covington Police were paid at the Finance window in City Hall, while tickets issued by ABM, the third party provider hired to manage the City's parking systems, were paid at the Midtown location. Ticket recipients had the option of paying in person or mailing in their payment.

The ability to pay tickets at City Hall is no longer an option.

New technology has also been adopted to make the process more efficient. Instead of manually-written carbon copy tickets, the Covington Police Department will now be utilizing two new handheld devices to issue citations.

These devices will allow photos to be taken of the parking offense, track multiple offenders more easily, and run reports for various offenses. When issuing a citation, the officer will be notified if the vehicle has several outstanding tickets so the car can be booted immediately.

This change will drastically reduce the amount of paper processing in the City Finance Department.

It reduces the number of copies written and prevents Finance personnel from having to manually enter ticket information into a ticketing system or to collect payments at the City Hall window.

The Police Department will continue to have outstanding ticket information available in officers' License Plate Readers in police patrol cars.

Source: City of Covington KY, Northern Kentucky