Covington KY News: 43rd Street residents start petition to halt roadwork
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Latonia residents start petition to stop
narrowing of E. 43rd, other streets

September 2, 2014
A petition has been started by some of the homeowners on East 43rd Street in Latonia, says resident Stephanie Clifton.

"We're against the narrowing of our streets," Stephanie said.

"They think this will slow traffic, when in fact, it only eats away at our parking and makes our vehicles more susceptible to being side swiped."

Resident Mary Rischelle Luke wrote on Facebook: "They are putting a buffer on one side so you can't park against the curb. It'll narrow the street. Also, they are going to make it where you can't park less than four feet from a driveway. Lots of parking spots gone."

Other surrounding streets will also be affected, Stephanie Clifton wrote:
"Any of the streets with yellow and white lines will be narrowed. We need the residents to be aware of what's happening right in front of them and let's put a stop to it!"

Latonia is a large neighborhood within Covington KY.
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